Composition on: Students Life



Students Life

Introduction : The period of life spent in acquiring knowledge in educational institutions is called student life. It is the most important part of our hole life. Our whole future depends on it.

Duties of student : The main duty of a student is to study. We should attend the classes regularly. We should be careful in preparing our lessons. We should also read the newspapers. We should take part in debates, essay competitions and other literary activities. We should write stories and poems for the school magazines . After school we should take physical exercise.

Other duties : During the holidays we can go to the villages and make people aware of the importance of education. We can set up night schools in our localities. During flood, we can serve the nation through relief work.

Conclusion : Student life is the time for preparation . So we should make a proper use of time during our student life. We should study while it is time to study and we should play while it is time to play.

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