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My Favourite Season

Introduction :

In Bangladesh there are six seasons in a year. They are summer, rains, autumn, harvest, winter and spring. Of all the seasons, I like the spring best.


Comparison of the seasons :

The heat of summer sun is unbearable to me. It is the seasons of cholera, diarrhoea and small pox. It is also the season of storms. The next season is rainy season. During this season rains falls like cats and dogs People cannot go from place to place on foot. It a very nasty season. During the autumn and late autumn (harvest) the troubles and inconveniences of the rainy season do not disappear. So they are not liked by me. Then comes the winter. It is the season of mist. Nature looks gloomy . Trees become bare of leaves.


Why I choose the spring :

Spring is the best and most charming of all the seasons. In this season nature puts on new dress and changes her appearenee. Every object of nature becomes fresh. Trees put forth new leaves and flowers put forth blossoms. They are of all colours. Some of them are looking sweet smelling, some have no smell, but all are beautiful. The gentle breeze begins to blow. It make soft our mind and refreshes our body. The singing birds come in this season and present us their melodeous tune.

Conclusion :

Nature regains a new life in this season. The whole countryside looks fresh and beautiful. We can enjoy all the beautiful sights and sounds of nature to our heart’s contents. These are the reason why I am fond of this beary season most.

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