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Tree Plantation

Or, Why You Think More Trees should be Plan

Or, Importance of Tree Plantation

Introduction : Trees are gifts of nature. Trees are our great friends. Trees are useful to us in many ways. Trees exert much influence upon the climntic condition of a country. So, we should plant more trees.

Wood trees : We need trees for dilferent purposes. Trees gives us food and shelter. They make the land fertile. They save land from crosion, We get timber from trees. This timber is used in making houses, boats, ships, and furniture,table,chair etc. They save the house from cyclone. They also give shade to protect us from the scorching heat of the sun and cold season.

Fruit trees : Many trees gives us fruit. The mango trees, coconut trees, blackberry trees ctc. gives us fruits as well as timber. Trees help, us to fall rain. They prevent a region froim becoming a desert. Trees provide shelter, food and fire.

Preventing air pollution : Trees are the things of beauty too, The green rows of trees in the forest cool our eyes. Trees are essentially to aaaa a ae human life. Our environment is polluting everyday. Trees prevent air-pollution.

Checking the cutting of trees : The people of our country cut down trees now and then. They use wood as fucl. Trees are also burnt in the brick fīelds. As a result our country is losing so many of trees. This is a threat to human environment. If this process continues, the country will be turned into a desert. It is the high time we should planted trees to preserve our cnvironment.

Proper time and sites for planting : The a a months of June and July are the proper time for a planting trees. Trees should be planted by every people in his home. Shady and fruit trees should be planted by the sides of the roads, ponds, light- ways, and railway lines, in the schools and colleges.

Conclusion : Trees are the part and parcel of our life, So, it is our duty to plant trees and take care of them. Every year the government launches tree plantation campaign. We should come forward to make it a success,

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