Coronavirus last Update: 24,94,915 Cases and 1,71,249 Deaths worldwide from Corona Virus ?21 April 2020




Coronavirus last Update:= 24,94,915 Cases and 1,71,249 Deaths worldwide from Corona Virus

Corona sufferers left 24 lakh 94 thousand 915, dead 1 lakh 71 thousand 249 people worldwide.

So far, the presence of the Corona virus has been detected in the body of 24 lakh 94 thousand 915  people worldwide. The virus has died after being infected with the virus.

Of the victims, 6 lakh 58 thousand and 9 returned home.

The virus has been identified in the United States by more than 8 lakh 00 housand 262 people. There were 42,946 dead.

The next five countries affected are Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, On April 21, in Bangladesh  has  detected so far in the body total 3 thousand 3 houndred and 82 people. Of them, 110 died and 87 people are recovered also.

Source:Somoi tv

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