Everyone must to know these 7 things to survive in corona ? April 2020

Everyone must to know these 7 things to survive in corona ? April 2020

Experts are not yet sure how the virus spreads from human to human body. However, they are advising to take some general precautions.

Experts believe that the risk of infection with coronavirus will be reduced to some extent, experts say. What are these warnings? They were highlighted.

1. Mass transport

It is very important to avoid public transport or take precautions.
Coronavirus may be present on the bus, train or any other type of transport.
Therefore, experts must emphasize the use of masks in any transport and to clean hands every 1 hour later.

2. Workplace

Even if you use the same desk and computer in the office, there is a risk of infection.
Experts say that coronavirus is spread by sneezing and coughing. Coronavirus anywhere for a few hoursMay even remain active for up to a few days. Before sitting at the office desk, clean your computer, keyboard and mouse.

3. Public place

Experts suggest avoiding places where people gather more or taking extra precautions.
This includes sports venues, cinema halls and even religious places.
In Muslim-majority countries like Bangladesh, home caution is being advised during Friday prayers.
Saudi Arabia has already closed Omara.

4. Banks and financial institutions

Many people use a pen when customers go to different banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh.
If a person infected with coronavirus uses the pen, subsequent users are also at risk of coronavirus infection.That is why you can keep your pen separate of others. This will reduce the risk of infection.
Infections can also occur from ATM booths that are used to withdraw money. Because many people use the button of ATM booth.

5. Lift

Another place to get infected with the virus could be a home or office elevator.
Many people are using the elevator button to go to the designated floor when using the elevator.
So many people people are using the elevator every day in various office buildings.
If one of them is a patient infected with coronavirus and he touches the fingers of the lift button, there is a possibility of infection.

6. The money

The presence of various types of germs in banknotes or money is not new.
Experts also say the spread of infectious diseases through banknotes.
A group of Bangladeshi researchers said in August last year that they found bacteria in notes and metallic coins that are usually present in the urine, in Bangladeshi paper.
Last month saw an initiative in China to disinfect money or banknotes with the presence of the virus.
After the outbreak of coronavirus in the country recently, the country removed the bank notes from the market to prevent the spread of the virus and disinfected it and left the market.


Do not touch your face without washing your hands with hand sanitizer. If it does, there is a risk of virus infection.Experts say that regular hand washing is very important to prevent infection.


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