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My Parents

My parents are the most beloved and respected persons to me. My father’s name is Mr Mostafa Mullick, and my mother is Mrs Salma Mullick. My father is an MA from Dhaka University and mother is an Intermediate. My father is teaching at a high school and mother is a housewife. They are very much polished in manner and activities. Both of them are diligent and sincere in their duties.They looks after our family very sincerely. Mother does every household works. She takes great care of all of us. She loves us very dearly. She is ready to sacrifice her own fo happiness for our happiness. Her anxiety knows no bounds if we fall ill or fever. She does not enjoy a wink of sleep. My father is also a 9 social worker. He helps the poor people in their distress. After all, I like my parents for their honesty , personality, responsibility, fore diligence , sincerity, cleanliness and many other qualities hospitality.

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