Pohela Boishakh: Bengali New year elebration 2020


Bengali 1st Boishakh

Or,Pohela Boishakh: Bengali New year elebration 2020

A traditional rainy day. The day is celebrated as a New Year in West Bengal in Bangladesh and India. Bengalis living in Tripura also participate in the festival. As such, it is considered as a public festival of Bengalis. According to the Gregorian calendar, the festival is celebrated on April 7 every year.This day has been specified according to the modern Bengali calendar set by the Bengali Academy. According to the Chandrasaur Bangla Registry in West Bengal, Baisakh is celebrated on 1st April. It is also accepted as a public holiday in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Traders of different stages take the day as an opportunity to start a new business.

The festival is celebrated through various activities such as processions, fairs, pantabhata eating, halakhata openings etc. The traditional greeting sentence of Bengali New Year is “Happy New Year”. During the New Year, a procession of Mars was organized in Bangladesh. On the 21st, UNESCO declared the festival as “an invaluable cultural heritage of humanity” organized by the University of Dhaka.

The fundamental difference between the Hijri and the Christian Sun with the Bengali calendar is that the Hijri Sun is the moon and the Christian Sun is determined according to international standards. Because of this, the new date of Hijri sun begins in the evening after the new moon appears in the sky and the new day begins in Christian Sun according to UTC . On the first day of Baisakh, there is a disagreement, not starting at 12 pm, but at sunrise,. Traditionally, it is the custom of counting Bangla days from sunrise, but the Bangla Academy from 1 Baisakh to 12th Bengal has abolished this rule and introduced the rules for starting the day count at 12.45 pm to keep up with the international tradition.

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