Short Composition on : My Aim in Life



My Aim in Life

Or, Future Plan Of Your Life

Introduction :

We are the best creation of God. He is a rational animal. His life is short. He cannot do anything or everything. So he I must choose career.


Choice of profession :

Man differs in personality, taste and aptitude. That is why conside ation my taste, aptitude, wisdom and experience. Finally, I have decided to become a leader of the country.


Cause of choice :

Bangladesh is a newly independent country. 75% of her population are illiterate, 80% of her population are cultivators . They live from hand to mouth. They live half fed or unfed. Many of them die without treatment or medicine. There is dearth of honestly leadership want in our country. Corruption is eating up the vitals of our national life regularly. Want of right leadership condition of our country become miserable us. My aim is to give right leadership to our country in future.


Solution :

With this. noble aim I have been preparing myself, I have decided to become a Barrister-at-law and to join the bar at the Dhaka High Court and the Supreme Court. Then I shall make a definite programme for the betterment of our country and countrymen. I will propagate my programme, and seek presidential election in future. If I am voted to power I shall remove corruptions from the society.

Conclusion :

Therefore, service to my country and countrymen is the most aim of my life. I will bear in mind that an aim is a virtue when it seeks to do good to others.

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