Story on : Dividing the bread



Dividing the Bread

Once there were two cats lived in a house. They were very intimate to each other. One day the two cats stole a piece of cake from a neighbouring house. Each of them demanded fa the larger share of the cake. None of them agreed to e compromise a bit. Both of them decided to go to the monkey for fair justice.The monkey assured them about equal dividing. He brought a scale for equal division. At first, he broke the cake into two pieces and put them on the scales. To equalize the portions he bit the larger part. The monkey continued the process and bit again and again. Within a fe moments, the pieces of cake became very small. The two cats were frustrated to see the incident. They asked the monkey to stop his work and return them the rest of the cake. But the monkey denied to return the cake. He demanded that a piece of cake was for him as his remuneration. The two cats realised their mistakes and lamented for the cake. They promised never to do such mistake and keep a mutual understanding.

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